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YOGIJI_DIGI revamps CRM at MM Integrated Steel in Tanzania
Posted on 23 Jul, 2012 | 812 times viewed | yogiji
YOGIJI_DIGI a leading equipment supplier for steel rolling mills and processing line based in Faridabad India had successfully revamped the existing Cold Rolling Mill at MM Integrated Steel Mills Ltd., Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA.

The old DC Drive system was replaced with new AC Motors and AC Drives. The ABB ACS 800 series multi drives with IGBT supply unit is used in conduction with ABB AMI range of AC Motors.


1. More mill uptime on account of motor maintenance as the AC Motors are maintenance free compared to the old DC motors which require frequent carbon brush replacement.

2. The existing power factor correction system with harmonic filters was removed as the new ISU provides unity power factor and the harmonics level is less than 5%.

3. The old transformer for Tension Reel Drives was removed as only one mill transformer is good enough to supply the complete system.

4. Less components means less maintenance.

5. The per ton electricity consumption is less by almost 20% on account motor and drive efficiency and improved power factor.

The scope also included the replacement of the old Tension Reels with the new ones. The new reels have the latest strip gripping design wherein the gripping hydraulic cylinder is placed outside the strip width which drives a wedge mechanism which in turn grips the strip.


1. Less down time as the seals leak frequently because in the conventional gripper design which uses small hydraulic plungers placed inside the strip width.

2. Additional saving on coil ends if the seals are not replaced and the gripper fails to grip the strip. It has often been observed that due to frequent seal leakages the seals are not replaced at all and additional wraps are being used on the reels.